Small town girl


From a tiny place surrounded by the forests, mountains and lakes of British Columbia, to becoming London’s new queen on the techno scene, the DJ we know as B.Traits has been on quite a journey. It’s been a winding path, but if her home town taught her anything, it was to move to her own beat

“I’ve always wanted to have my own record label, but you have to wait for the right time, don’t you?” says Brianna Price. She’s perhaps better known as B.Traits, the DJ, producer and Radio 1 presenter. Originally from Canada, Brianna grew up in the inauspicious town of Nelson, a tiny place with a population of just ten thousand people. Surrounded by the mountains, forests and lakes of British Columbia, it’s the kind of place where you see bears in your backyard, and country music fills the radio waves. If that sounds surprising, you’ll find it even more surprising to know that B.Traits came up through the jungle and drum’n’bass scene. But her hometown taught her a thing or two about how to survive and, more importantly, how to seize opportunities.