Come over here!


Donald Marshall, his alter ego Ginger Johnson, and partner Ben live in a small live-work space. From the street it doesn’t look magic but stuffed with props, it’s an inspiring hub for a performer/writer/singer. ‘You could call me a drag queen but I don’t do the usual!’

I love Ginger Johnson. She’s inspired by the women that I love. Women from my home town. People like the dinner ladies at my school: honest, funny, tough women who embraced me in a way that only middle aged women can embrace a queer child. That’s the whole essence of being Ginger. I am trying to put my arms round the audience, but at the same time be challenging and outrageous. I started out wanting to be an actor. The parts I was offered were lunatic, psychopath, man who pushes man off roof. I’d already started making my own costumes for drag, but I didn’t realise the potential.

Then a friend took me to a show by cabaret artist David Hoyle. It was vivid, funny and real.